Everyone’s Environment reports

Climate and nature Strategic grants
1 April 2024

Research findings on how different social groups are affected by the environmental crises.

Nick Addington

Graphic courtesy of NPC

The environmental crises do not affect all people in the same way. Some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised people are at most risk and may be unfairly affected by policies that aim to ensure a sustainable future. Charities and funders have a critical role to play in supporting and empowering different social groups to be part of the solutions.

We are one of several funders supporting charitable think tank NPC’s Everyone’s Environment initiative. This initiative brings together over 60 social and environmental charities to gather evidence of the impact the environmental crises will have on different social groups and engage people from those groups in developing and advocating for policies that will address them in an equitable way.

As part of this work, NPC is publishing a series of briefings on their findings. These are available on their website here.

These research briefings are a valuable source of information for charities or funders wanting to increase their understanding of how a specific social group in the UK is affected by the environmental crises and related policy. Briefings contain summaries of how the climate and nature crises affect people directly or because of related policy, and also provide links to sources of data for those who would like more information.

Current briefings focus on: older people and disabled people; people from ethnic minorities; young people.

Further briefings will follow in early 2024 on our people facing health inequalities and people living in poverty or on low incomes strands.


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