A different approach to community-led asset development

Community assets Natural & Built Environment
1 March 2020

Report illustrating four innovative approaches taken by
community stakeholders in the development of local assets

Elaine Gibb

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This research paper is a response to changes in community asset development and the challenges faced by community organisations in establishing sustainable and effective community-owned buildings and facilities. 

In partnership with the William Grant Foundation, Community Enterprise researched and scoped out new models or innovative approaches to constructing or repurposing buildings for community use. Over a 6-month period during 2019 they undertook a range of stakeholder interviews and case studies across Scotland and the UK and engaged with over 50 key national stakeholders at a summit event in Glasgow to discuss the issue.  

The report explains the context that is making conventional approaches to funding and procuring buildings like this increasingly difficult, describes four innovative models for delivering them, collates stakeholder views, and presents a range of illustrative case studies.

The four innovative models are:

  • partnership and collaborative approaches
  • community DIY
  • innovative construction
  • stepped development

Click the image above to read or download the report.

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