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1 December 2021

Why and how foundations give unrestricted funding

Nick Addington

Our Chief Executive and Chair were interviewed by IVAR (Institute of Voluntary Action Research) for this report (published in Nov 2021) exploring why and how foundations choose to use unrestricted funding as part of their grant-making toolbox. Staff members and trustees from 12 foundations feature in the report, which suggests that whatever your constraints, and however far along the journey you are, it is worth asking: can we go further in offering unrestricted funding? 

The report includes:

  • Seven ways unrestricted funding adds value
  • Common questions about how and why foundations decide to offer unrestricted funding – for example about legal powers, judging impact, and whether it can help tackle challenges around equity and power in funding relationships
  • Advice from funders

You can read more about our own use of unrestricted and other forms of flexible funding here.


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