Podcast: Working in the Open

Open and trusting grant-making
24 May 2024

To coincide with the launch of our new website, this podcast explores the idea of ‘working in the open’ and why we might want to encourage more of it by charities and third sector organisations.

Nick Addington

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Hosted by Foundation CEO, Nick Addington, we speak to Ross McCulloch of Third Sector Lab about the open working programme he runs for charities and to Leah Black of EVOC about her experience of working in the open as she develops a new Regenerative Futures Fund for Edinburgh.

If you communicate what you’re learning and doing, you’re an open and transparent organisation – for me that that should just be a default for third sector organisations.
Ross McCulloch, Third Sector Lab

Nick is also joined by other members of the Foundation team to discuss our own commitment to start ‘learning out loud’.


Third Sector Lab’s website is where you can find out more about the programmes they run, including the Open Working and Re-use programme and The Curve – a series of free digital training webinars and online resources for third sector organisations, which is supported by the William Grant Foundation alongside other funders.

You can read Leah’s blog posts about the development of the Regenerative Futures Fund here, including that initial blog that kick-started it all. More about the Regenerative Futures Fund can be found here on EVOC’s website.

Giles Turnbull: The Agile Comms Handbook is an inspiring and short read for anyone wanting to get started with working in the open.


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