Our vision for Scotland’s environment

Our vision for Scotland’s natural environment is that it is enjoyed by everyone in a way that promotes health and wellbeing, it contains thriving eco-systems protected for the future, and there is a sustainable balance between it and the needs of people, communities and businesses.

For the built environment our vision is that it meets the needs of people and communities in ways that address the climate emergency, with good quality affordable warm homes and with public spaces and places that foster wellbeing and connection, and where local heritage assets contribute to thriving communities.

In support of this vision, our grant-making is currently focused on four areas: the marine and freshwater environment, warm homes, community assets, and environmental sector infrastructure. Read more about each of them below.

We support marine and freshwater organisations and initiatives that build knowledge and understanding, conserve and protect species and habitats at risk, and which connect and engage people and communities to coastal and aquatic environments.

Our funding spans a broad range of action and approaches. These include local citizen-led action, research to deepen knowledge around challenges and solutions and practical efforts relating to key species.

Click below for details of grants we’ve made under this theme.

Within our warm homes interests, we are mindful of the need to address human factors such as energy use and management, as well as practical measures, such as retrofitting homes for energy efficiency and decarbonisation.

We also wish to promote a ‘just transition’ – so those who can least afford it do not carry the greatest burden of the changes we need to make to respond to climate change.

To date we have funded work influencing policy and regulation, nurturing innovation and best practice, research and development, and prevention.

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We have a dual focus on community asset projects that aim to safeguard and develop specific heritage buildings that matter to their communities, and also on work at a regional or national level to strengthen the skills and capacity of local people to own and manage such assets.

The small number of grants we make for specific local projects are targeted towards exemplar initiatives where our funding can make the most difference in a timely or catalytic way – such as supporting early-stage work to get projects off the ground or enabling a particular development to be unlocked, underpinned or completed.

But we also provide funds to the Architectural Heritage Fund to distribute as small grants to a wider range of projects – read more about our partnership below.

Click below for details of grants we’ve made under this theme.

AHF’s Tailored Support Fund

The Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF) plays a vital role in supporting Scotland’s built heritage. The UK charity is a go-to source of advice, connections and development funding, and the AHF’s two-person Scottish team are kept busy visiting and advising groups across the country looking to restore or preserve neglected or at-risk buildings.

We have partnered with AHF, providing funds to allow them to set up the Tailored Support Fund in Scotland. This open grants programme can support community-led heritage initiatives in circumstances that fall outside the parameters of their other funding schemes, such as those involving non-listed buildings or emergency repairs.

Read more about all of their Scottish funding programmes and how to apply on the AHF’s website.


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